The REST of the Story


American radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey, had a famous series called “The Rest of the Story.” He would personalize the news with his opinions and experiences. So I thought I’d borrow the title of his radio segment for the title of this blog post. As I share my opinions and experiences, I hope you will be encouraged and inspired to share yours.


 The word “rest” has come up often for me lately. So, I stopped to notice.


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “rest” as: freedom from activity or labor; a state of motionlessness or inactivity; peace of mind or spirit. For me that means quiet time, meditation, prayer, and sleep. Rest needs to be scheduled and committed to, or it won’t happen.


During a recent meditation on a verse in Scripture, Psalm 23:3a, “He restores my soul”, I noticed the word “rest” is embedded in the word “restore.” The significance of this to me is that my soul can’t be restored without rest.


Recently I was reminded of the metaphor of the oxygen mask in an aircraft. During the safety presentation, the flight attendant reminds passengers to put on their own oxygen mask first before assisting others. oxygenmask

Lesson? If I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be able to take care of others. And part of taking care of me means making time for rest.


This past week, after witnessing me having an emotional meltdown, a dear friend quietly suggested, “Maybe you just need some rest.” Why is something so simple so difficult? Truth is – I am in charge of my schedule, of what I say “yes” to and what I say “no” to. Saying “yes” to rest is vital to living my purpose and being a light in this world.


Here is an acrostic I created to remind myself what REST means to me and the importance of it:


R – reflect

E – energize

S – sustain

T – transform


What about you? Please share your thoughts (and maybe your own acrostic) for what rest means to you, and the importance of rest in your life.


Matthew 11:28 is one of my favorite portions of Scripture. Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Wow – that’s the best REST of all. And that’s the rest of the story!