“Marcia is a coach extraordinaire. She holds the balance between warmth/compassion and fierceness with skill and grace. Marcia, through her coaching, has helped remove barriers that kept me stuck in my creativity and ability to move forward in pursuit of my dreams and passion. She provides a values-driven service, with the highest integrity and impeccability.”Mary, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

“There are some people in life who are ‘natural’ at what they do. Certain athletes, writers, musicians, artists … what they outwardly express seems to take no effort at all as their talent just appears to easily flow through them. As a Life Coach, Marcia Ericson is one of those people. I have known her for several years, and her approach to life and others is through genuine caring and helping. Marcia does not pretend — when you talk to her, you know her full attention is on you and that she has your absolute best interests at heart. She is exceptional at helping others find whatever they are seeking. For me she has helped define my Life Purpose with a written statement of that purpose, and now I have something concrete to read every day that reminds me of why I am in this life. I could not have found another person who fits the role of Life Coach as perfectly as Marcia!”Marty, Certified Massage Therapist

“I have worked with Marcia on group development in project teams. As a leader of the project teams, especially a newly formed team, Marcia facilitated team projects to bring cohesiveness to our team and help us with group formation. Marcia is a dynamic facilitator and brings many strengths to enhance teamwork and group formation. She is energetic, empathetic and able to adapt quickly to group dynamics. Marcia is a wonderful listener, understands your training needs and then develops activities to assist with strengthening and developing a team. Marcia is a delight to be around and a strong contributor in any setting. I was very fortunate to work collaboratively with her.”Tara, Recruiter

“Marcia is a fabulous coach. She is one of the best listeners I know and always has the right questions to ask to get me unstuck or thinking differently. With Marcia as my coach, I feel empowered to change my actions to achieve better results in my work and personal life.”Michelle, Business Owner and Mom

“I had the pleasure of working with Marcia at Fairview Health Services. I was fortunate enough to attend several of the training seminars that she put on while I was employed there. Every session I attended was fast-paced, interactive, and information packed. I was amazed at Marcia’s ability to get information from a SME (Subject Matter Expert) and deliver it herself in a way that was so dynamic. I don’t hesitate to highly recommend Marcia!”Trina, Principal

“I worked on a number of special projects, teams and ongoing processes with Marcia. She is an amazing facilitator and is extremely detail oriented. We had several projects we worked on together that were highly successful due in large part to her skill set. I highly recommend her work.”Sarah, Consultant