Meet Marcia


 Throughout my life, I have been a woman in transition: moved out of state, attended college, started a new job, got married, became a new mom, experienced divorced, became a single mom, got remarried, raised teenage children, became an empty nester, dealt with health issues, returned to college as an adult, started a new career, was laid off, and launched a new business as an entrepreneur. In all these instances, I relied on God’s love to light my way.

I am a woman of faith. My personal relationship with God is my first priority. Prayer and Christian meditation are part of my daily routine. The foundation of my life is the Word of God. This is where I find direction, encouragement, peace, and strength – especially during times of despair, struggle, turmoil, and uncertainty.

Family and friends are a top priority. Spending quality time with them brings me inexpressible joy. My husband, Bruce, is a supportive, calming presence in my life. He is my source of quiet strength and he is my biggest fan! My adult children, Matt and Candace, live and work in Seattle, WA. I am so proud of the amazing, unique individuals they are, and I am honored to be their mother. My extended family and friends keep me connected to what is most important. Their love brings out the best in me.

Living my life intentionally brings me fulfillment. This means doing what I love, and loving what I do. My life mission is to live for God, love myself and others, and make a difference. My life purpose is to be the illuminator who brings love and light to life.

Most of the images reflected on my website were chosen from the portfolio of my son, Matt Goodrich. These photos represent safety, guidance, tranquility, warmth and light.

“There are some people in life who are ‘natural’ at what they do. Certain athletes, writers, musicians, artists … what they outwardly express seems to take no effort at all as their talent just appears to easily flow through them. As a Life Coach, Marcia Ericson is one of those people. I have known her for several years, and her approach to life and others is through genuine caring and helping.

“Marcia does not pretend — when you talk to her, you know her full attention is on you and that she has your absolute best interests at heart. She is exceptional at helping others find whatever they are seeking. For me she has helped define my Life Purpose with a written statement of that purpose, and now I have something concrete to read every day that reminds me of why I am in this life. I could not have found another person who fits the role of Life Coach as perfectly as Marcia!” —Marty, Certified Massage Therapist